Freezing drizzle

Today’s forecast

Some people don’t mind the weather. They are either oblivious to it’s changes or born in tropical climates. The rest of us check the forecast daily and then decide what to wear. My grandfather put his long handles on around Labor Day and took them off on the Fourth of July. It’s worth mentioning that his circulation was poor.

It would be best to write a review that is solidly just a review. The last month of movies and a book that seems to drag on longer than it should leads me to this review.

The book is “Into Thick Air: Biking to the Bellybutton of Six continents” by Jim Malusa. It is about his travels on bicycle. which got me to thinking about all of the thinkgs that we do not need a license for. First there is the lack of need for a drivers license with a team of horses, a bicycle of course, and among other things is driving me crazy. The book is not really as boring as the long title suggests. There is a lot of botanicle and geographical information about each of the continents that he travels in to their lowest points. There are days I simply give up and go watch a movie just so I can hear a different voice.

Some of the movies that I picked on the Amazon Prime list are memorable. Others go through this battleground of memory sticks and eventually, a title or name comes back. The movie that I do not recommend for soft hearts is “Mr. What.” It is the story of an ex-con and his changed life after his is released from prison and exonerated for wrongful imprisonment. While the movie is a great inspirational faith based film, my weepy eyes could not handle the continuous effect of kindnesses. After nearly a month’s worth of tissues in the pile on the sofa, I decided nice people just are not my type of movies.

So I jogged over to the thriller aisle and tried to find a movie in the mystery genre. Much better time passing as the anxiety over who-done-it or what-in-the-world is happening helps the day pass quickly. Never mind the fact that I crochet the whole time and keep rewinding the films to get what i missed. The next movie worth mentioning falls into the “Next” category. Check that one out, and it’s sequel, not bad winter weather watching. “The Words” falls into my good-movies-about-writers list. This CBS Film is a mystery romatic drama film from 2012. Anything about an author, a journalist, a novelist, a writer, or an editor attracts my chocolate tooth.

My favorite thing about the movie “The Words” was the underlying inspiration that the author received from outside sources. Writing is never an object unto its own. Rather, writing is the ability to grasp imagination, reality, and words until the reader is drawn into the words with the senses. If I tell you about my burned pizza the other night, you will soon be sputtering along with me as the crispy crust, and charred cheese crunch between the teeth of your imagination. It was truly the best burnt pizza I have ever tasted. Bother.

Movies, books, blogs, podcasts, and life itself inspires people to do, to become, or to write. Some of us a driven to capture thought into words unto paper or typecast. I cannot help it.

This morning my breathing again is labored. It’s another day for the nebulizer and other asthma control medicines. Not sure the exercise plan will stick for the day.There is always some crochet project to do.

Running out of yarn for a certain project, drove me to find another fidget affect. This one was something old made something new. Video tutorials are great for learning a new project. The mittens were made from the strands of a hat that never made it to the top of my head. I love the pattern and now i just need to find the proper yarn. A thicker fleece type is called for this pattern so the holes are filled in with the plush fabic.

Now on to the next item.

My mother-in-law brought up the topic of winter boredom busters. Cleaning out closets is the old time favorite. In my mind, some days of retirement can drive one to the “kitchen drawer boredom” state. I am not there yet. Cleaning the kitchen drawer out sounds like a blizzard day kind of activity. And since there is always yarn to be found, crochet takes priority over cleaning. Sorry, mom. The floor might just be dirty another day longer.

Table manners

Book review A None’s Story

This is my opinion. If you don’t want dessert, just say, “No, thanks.”

This book review is on the talking book library 88037 “A None’s Story” by Corina Nicolaou.. And yes I spelled it correctly, you silly smart device spell checker. Remember how I once wrote that I don’t particularly like book reviews. well, sometimes, it’s because I don’t like the book, but I can’t help myself and have to read it to the end.

Perhaps a disclaimer to begin with. The book is a “journal” of the author’s own experience. Therefore the attraction for me to discover how she constructs the memoir. The author did not write about the events at their time and is relaying on hindsight to fill in the memory gaps. Hindsight always has a “clear” vision for the individual employing the task. Her vantage point does not necessarily make her opinions perfect, but they are her own.

First of all, Corina explains what a “none” is: someone who if the chance were given them to fill out some religious survey goes to the bottom of the list and marks “none.” No census or survey has ever been my pleasure either, but hearing the term made me feel like somehow I had been born in the dark ages.

Everyone wants an identity. Or rather everyone wants to identify with others. Being alone makes one feel very vulnerable. Just ask the little calico that I put out with all of the other black cats. She A feels alone. Her singleness leads her to continue to search for food in a separate location than all of the others. We do not know if she refuses to eat with the pigs (the other cats) or if they will not led her dine with them.

Being alone causes a searching, a seeking, or an inner desire be part of a club, a group, or a family. Single people in their twenties will search out some bonding to give them a sense of fulfillment. Married couples often just find that need nourished in each other or in their career. Church in the larger metropolitan society lost it’s grip on the singles and the yuppees- the career builders. Small communities are following this suit surely also.

In the book, it seems that Ms. Nicolaou moves from the family unit into the career days of life with a loss of identity. Her search for meaning through the tale as told in the book made me think of a lost child searching for a family to dine with each evening.

She tells of her going from church to church, to synagogue and so forth as if she were searching among the fast food restaurant chains looking for God at the tables. And it made me think of a book I read one time that taught me about table manners.

My first address is to Corina’s search to identify with some religion or another. Looking for God is not the same as looking fro your favorite Campbell’s soup can. God is not in a soup can. While you might like one thing or another better and choose one soup as your favorite, God can not be condensed into a soup can. Neither can you find Him by church hopping. Eating Chicken noodle one week and then clam chowder the next will surely leave you empty, hungry and unable to identify with any of the Progesso soup mixes. I felt so sorry for her as she wanders around like a lost sheep in search of her “soul.”

Changing family dinner tables every night of the week, does not make you a member of that family. If I were to go eat with the Anderson’s one night, the Rigano’s the next night, and the Qualin’s the next, I am not any more an Anderson or Smith than I was the day before. Identifying with a religion does not happen because I visited their santum.

It was saddest of all to me that no one ever explained John chapter 3 to her. She seemed like such a lost Nicodemus. One that never heard Jesus’s statement about being born again. The only thing that makes me beholding to my maiden name is that I was born into my father’s house. But the amazing thing about my Father in heaven’s family is that I was adopted in. His adoption of me was like a being born again.

No matter how long the book goes on (I think I have five hours of listening yet) I am sure she never gets the table manners. Even my dog has to learn the table manners expected of her in my home. God has table manners also.

Going from church to church and building to building and meeting to meeting, I am surprised by the fact that they all make it so complicated for Corina to understand the truth about God through all of her searching. Explaining a relationship with God like table manners is about the best way I have ever heard.

God gave us everything we need to know in one Book: the Bible. It’s like the manual on life. Some people call it Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. The simplest way to look at is table manners. If we want to dine at His eternal banquet table, we have a few table manners to learn.

The invitation. God does not stuff us like turkeys at thanksgiving dinner. He invites us to come join Him. It’s as simple as “would you like dessert?” Yes or no. God gifts us with His love. Do we except or reject? If Jesus was who he said, do I believe it or walk away.

Once we accept the invitation to life as He offers it, then it’s all about learning to behave properly at His table. His table is here now as well as in the future at His eternal mansion. Behaving with table manners is our whole lot in life. Learning to say please pass the rutabagas, and thank you and your welcome and so forth. Do I need to say more?

Table manners from the vantage point of the none’s story is more like picking all the spices in the world and putting them into one dish. Uff dah. There’s my grasping of my husband’s Norwegian heritage. Maybe one should consult the recipe book written by the Creator of all those spices before cooking a dish that will end up like dog food. Or worse. I wonder how well a None would be educated at my dinner table.

How about your family celebrations? Do they include a blessed view of the Creator? An invitation to the future banqueting table? Someone might just be watching you next time you eat out.

Once when our family went to a home school convention, after the event while we out to eat at a restaurant, someone payed our billl. It was an amazing surprise for us. We felt God had blessed our weekend and our family. Our dinner table conversation, the way that we all interacted with one another was just given a stranger’s approval. I am not seeking a stranger’s blessing. I am seeking the approval of the Creator. And knowing that I will never really get it without Jesus standing in my stead.

Yes, I will finish the book. My disappointment in the lost sheep not finding a “fold” in Christ is evident. I am sorry that she did not find this verse.

Isiah 64:4 “For since the beginning of the world

Men have not heard nor perceived by the ear

Nor has the eye seen any God besides You,

Who acts for the one who waits for Him.” (NKJV)