Pinning clouds to the sky

Today’s been a long week (7)

“Therefore since we are surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so entangles us and run with endurance the race that is set before us.” -Hebrews 12:1 (my mixed up memorized version)

My emotions have been a little under the rug lately. One minute I am happy and excited about some miniature flower found in the greenhouse. The next hour the dog has paw-scratched my nose and there is no little Suga kitten to hug anymore.

Discontentment in the middle of snow filled winters can be a hard chunk of ice to stumble over. And there are a few of those around. The other day while putting all of my yarn projects in order, the weight of “having” to do something just really hit me, and the “wanna” just up and left. If have struggled with the get up and go and feel like there just might be a horse whip after me soon.

While the sun is high in the sky and the snow glares its blinding white reflection, pinning clouds to the sky seems to be my new aim.

What in the world would someone try to pin clouds to the sky for?

Well, when the sun is too bright, like during the hot summer days, a little cloudburst is just the answer. Pinning clouds to the sky is impossible. However the training mode in which we have now arrived is exactly that. Honey won’t drop a toy unless she decides. She grabs ahold of the leash and tries to yank it out of my hand. She seems to think gloves and mittens are toys rather than a cover for my fingers. Whenever I am on the phone, she demands play time or she’ll run away. Popcorn only works if it is fresh and buttery. She also has decided being with, if it is not her choice, then it won’t happen. I think she is more sick of winter than I am. This ninth month of exuberance has me wondering how to make her lazy. Once again I am feeling the discontent worm eat away.

Where does one find a place of peace and contentment when the sky moves on without the cloud that we tried to pin up there? Dreams and goals fail. Things go awry and the worms eat the cabbage. sometimes life just smells like a skunk flower ready to plant on the corner of the garden. Maybe I don’t want to go into a garden either if there is a skunk bulb ready to plant.

(By the way there really is a skunk bulb. It is the Fritillaria Lutea. It is meant to keep critters out of the garden and is often planted at the corners or near gate entrances. Get your hanky ready though! And the funniest part is the flower looks like it has a white Kleenex stuck up a nostril. How funny is that? The Bulbs are so pungent the moles stay out of the garden.)

Now that onion lore has bored the reader, perhaps there is more to this cloud pinning thing.

The kind of day that demands a second pot of coffee is long and busy. But the days that crawl by are just as demanding. Our present reality cannot be so easily checked out of like luggage for the flight. Putting the chores on hold until the weekend or leaving the garbage until the morning could be just the road to slothville. Winter is the perfect time to develop a bit of procrastination character trait. The do-it-now driven personality could learn a little from the hibernaceous creatures. With all the winter bugs there are to catch, being lazy and turning in for bed early might actually keep health as a focus. But sleeping and finding snooze too many times in a row, might best be left for the weekend.

Pinning doilies to my doily board is much more successful. My sister made a square one out of insulation board. but having so little wall space, I decided that using the largest embroidery / quilt ring would work for me and then it would be easier for my blind-self to hang it on a hook behind the library door. This cozily below was made from a ball of thread I rescued from the winter snows behind the house. Who put it there is quite a mystery. I still think Honey stole it alon with the roll of stamps that “cleaning” day awhile back. The doily turned out very pretty.

This morning we were finally successful with learning “Drop.” Honey ignores us grandly for the last few months on this command. Last night we put the soft in house flyers up where she could not chew on them. So with a hand full of popcorn, I brought out her favorite toy ever and began a training session. While in my book hands-on-hip means exasperated and angry, apparently she got the signal today to finally drop the frisbee so that she could play ‘our way.’ After five minutes and over a cup of popcorn, she dropped the cloth disc every time! Wow!

Success often comes after difficulty. This winter has been a cold one. Though it was too cold for many things to grow beautifully in the greenhouse, the lettuce that I planted directly into the grow bed finally decided to pop up. The sun can be convincing. Weeks that feel like months, and days that feel like weeks while demanding more than one pot of coffee can wear on the spirit. But do not be dismayed, victory comes for those who persevere. Patience really is a virtue.

Pinning clouds up in the sky would just block the power of the sun to help my plants grow anyhow. I’m not quite ready for the shade cloth days. Spring will be here soon enough with it’s wet puddles and muddy paws.

Those eyes 

I am amazed at how those eyes look at me with such expectation and hope. 

The  goal this week was trying to get Honey to loook me in the eye instead of watching my hands all the time. When we are outside and she wants frisbee to fly, it seems all she cares to do is watch hands. So after three  days of seeking eye contact, I was pleasantly rewarded with  this face as I took a sit down on the sofa. 

Those eyes are the window to a different World. 

We have always put human words into the mouths or actions of our pets. The most vocal per we had was a collie named Dolly. I’ll never forget one Saturday a few years back. We came home late in the afternoon after spending the day with the in-laws. Dolly came out from her hiding space greeted us on the front porch. When I asked her if Lennea had stopped by that day,  her response was a very audible,  I don’t know. Then she growled or grumbled something else I didn’t quite get. We thought it was something like you didn’t tell me she was coming. She seem to stock off like a teenager she left.  Darly always had stories to tell us if we left and came back and someone had been there to visit. Some people that didn’t know her thought she was growling at them. 

Figuring out what is on Honeys mind hasn’t quite come easy yet. Most of our thinking lately is guessing her potty needs. Until we trust her “ask” which we hope is ringing the bells, we keep jumping to a wrong conclusion about her speak. Eventually we’ll know her language as well as she knows ours. Eventually…

Those eyes are deep reflective pools of devotion. 

We have had free puppies, cheap puppies, a rescue dog and expensive badly bred mitts, but this is the first puppy that chose me. That doesn’t mean devotion cannot be bought. It took us nearly two years to earn the devotion of a rescue dog. We found out he loved bacon. He would do any trick in the books for bacon. Now isn’t that devotion too? 

I am amazed at how those eyes look at me with such expectation and hope. 

This little girl however just seems to anticipate learning something new. I am patiently awaiting my hearing ribs so that we can get back into a more vigorous training routine. I tire much to quickly and the simple commands are getting somewhat old. But puppy-hood requires mastering the basics. So for now Homey will just have to keep looking deeply into my eyes and await the next new game!