Rainy day projects

Not just for children

When the drip-drops woke me up this morning I knew getting out the door would be something like pulling a stubborn donkey to his feet.  Honey sits down and digs in her haunches at the first sign of raindrops. I thought I was allergic to rain.  She is worse!

So today her food went into a mini-pop bottle. That kept her busy -oh, about five minutes!  Then I was quite tempted to give her a sleeping pill so that I could go back to bed.  Not really, just tempting, that’s all. 

The dishes are all finally washed from our family gathering on Sunday. I know okay, I know I am am really lazy if it takes me two days. But the meat dish had juice in it to take to the cats in the barn. And I kept forgetting. I only feed them once a day, it wouldn’t be fair to take it down at a different time. 

So the dishes are done and the cookies are made. Bother, now I have more dishes to do!  What’s next?  Rainy day project lists are always for little kids. What about me? Can’t I have a rainy day list?

Most people go clean a closet or do some baking or paint the dining room.  Perhaps the best option for me is to just clean the counters off!  Cleaning isn’t very fun though. And anything that I do on a rainy day HAS to be fun.  I use to curl up with a talking book and crochet. For hours…  since the chiropractor told me I have to take more breaks, I really haven’t gotten any crochet projects done. It takes hours-hello.

The cookies are made and I didn’t even snitch one. Yet. So now it’s back to the cleaning list. I did get the floor in the bedroom swept, with a little honey-help. She ate the lid to some container. I threw it away after coaxing her to give it up for a treat. That wasn’t easy. I mean sweeping the floor. This crazy RP gets me dizzy often as I loose my place in the room. Luckily after t sweeps the  dust pan   was clean on the third swipe. 

Rainy days are meant for inside activities. Playing hall-fetch didn’t last very long either, so now that the sun came out it is time to go get our feet wet again. I really don’t like wet feet. So forgive me for this rubber boos  and shorts fashion statement. 

Now that I have spent the morning writing perhaps I should actually make that list. Let’s see…

To all those with a real diagnosis o ADHD  my apologies for this distracted by a four month old puppy writing. And good luck on that list!

Togetherness 101

Lessons from Honey

When you have a freeze pop on the rug, I’ll have an ice cube on the rug  Okay?

When you get up early for work, I’ll get up early with you and work on a bone.  Okay?

When you feed the cats in the barn, I’ll chase them all that way.  Okay?

When you fix supper, I’ll watch for everything that falls on the floor and clean it up.  Okay?

When you go for a walk , I’ll carry the leash so it’s not so heavy, okay?

When you choke on water, I’ll bark and help you cough, okay?

When you cry for no reason, ill lick your face and tickle your nose. Alright?

When you sit by yourself at the table, I’ll lay down at your feet and roll over for a belly rub to remind you I’m here. Alright?

When you run into the tree and hit your head, I’ll kiss your ouchie and help you shake it off. Okay?

When you water the garden and fill all the buckets, I’ll drink some cold water too. Okay?

When you do laundry and drop a sock, I’ll keep it safe until next time. Okay?

When you pull weeds in the garden, I’ll dig holes and get rid of bad things too. Alright?

When you need to take a nap, I’ll take one too. Okay?

When you can’t decide which toy to play with, I’ll find the oldest favorite one for you. Okay?

And if there’s anything else you want to do together, I’ll do that too! Okay?

Alright, Honey!

Yoga-puppy style 

No shape to exercise 


When I first discovered how much Seymour loved to run, I did everything I could to run with Jim.  My husband certainly wasn’t going to. So I thought I’ll try. Then the asthma/gall bladder/acid reflux started to hamper me. Every once in a while though I still tried. 

Gavin would repeat his favorite saying to exercise plans: I’m in no shape for that. So we found frisbee and softball size toys and Seymour got his shape trimmed up that way. 

Now with the new puppy, once again I find myself sitting around a lot!  Most people give up the floor pretty quickly where Honey is concerned. Well, it is hard. And getting up isn’t as easy as it use to be. 

Even our daughter chose to have a yoga Matt for her stretching and shaping moves. What to do with myself all these hours in the floor has become quite a thoughtful endeavor. 

I moved the rugs out so that I wouldn’t have to wash them so frequently. That’s not fun when there’s already much floor swiping the way it goes with puppies. So the rugs aren’t here to sit on either. Funny how this surface gets harder and harder as the weeks go by!

Today I tried some of those”relaxing poses.  Learning about New York city’s Doga classes sure looked good. Having an older dog would be beneficial. My poses didn’t last very long. The first one was interrupted with a sharp tooth on my fingers. The second was stopped with a nip to my ear. But I really wanted to help her relax, so the next pose found me swatting her away from eating the hair gel off my hair. 

So relaxing. 

I picked Honey up and headed to the sofa. It was time for a comfy pose. The side sleeper sofa stretch!

I’m not very good at yoga. This stretching thing gets done enough as I seep the floor, wipe up the puddles, and touch my toes each time I pick her up from grabbing something outside she shouldn’t eat. Excercise is over-rated. I must be getting enough. I am sure tired. Ahh, the dog days of summer. 

Honey seems to stick

Choosing sweetness

The past seventy hours has been a bustle of busy-ness. The back door has been open and shut more times these hours than the last month of planting garden time. And the little girl that learned to jump up at the light switch is showing me much about God’s love. 

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you.”

— ‭‭John‬ ‭15:16‬ ‭ESV‬‬


Being chosen is an emotionally charged moment. Whether for a playground activity or for a prom date the experience the feeling of exhilaration does not deny a hormone rush.

Being chosen by a puppy is happiness quotient at 100%.  And that’s really important for the puppy’s next few weeks will be full of learning and teaching moments that dictates a mutual love.  When we decided to take another chance at raising a dog to be my companion, the search for a doodle began.   Much to our slight frustration was that the timing seemed to miss all the local doodles by a few weeks and most were gone.  

Then this one or rather these two were yet available. I didn’t want black because darkness is hard to find at night, LOL. And I learned that chocolates tended to be large-they have always been more laid back and loved their food. And white was definitely out as we live in a snowy climate. The only color left was honey or gold.  

We arrived at the farm where the family raised dogs late in the afternoon.  The lady had given us an appointment time and brought the last two females out for a visit.  The little girl that I thought I wanted ran off to a distraction while this sweet little thing sat pawing at my leg, arm and then climbed into my lap to kiss me.  I had been chosen by a puppy!

On the last few miles out to the place, we talked about a name. Gavin says I chose “honey” so I only had to use one word so that he and the dog would be right by my side.  Perhaps that is correct. However since our Furbie (shin tzu /terrier mix) we hadn’t had a dog that everyone loved.  So I wanted a name that she could live up to-and Honey just seems to stick!

This morning after an early rise (she slept thru the night) it was amazing to see her jump up at the light switch.  The first time I thought she jumped at the door, so we went for a short walk. When she repeated the behavior, I decided it was the light switch and so I turned it off.  Happy for the sudden dimness, Honey crawled right into my lap for a nap.  I took her cue and we went to lay down a bit longer. 

God desires that all should come to repentance and receive His free gift of grace. He chooses us to live in His mercy. We are going to make a lot of mistakes as we live thus human existence, and He wants us to know through Jesus we can find forgiveness and hope.  He chose me! He wants to chose you! 

A little child that asks her parent for a puppy doesn’t always get the answer she wants. But God’s children that desire to be chosen find His answer to be YES!