Dear Santa

Letter from Honey

Dear Santa,

This is me-Honey I’ve been a very good gurl this year. Mom says only very good girls get a visit from Santa. I love visits. Can you stop by to play frisbee? It’s my favorite.

This is my first Christmas. Well, this is my first year! Tongue wag- that’s a funny in case you missed it. Mom says I don’t know Christmas. Well-she’s wring. I know all about Christmas.

Let me tell you everything I already know. Christmas is “be careful of the nativity.” The Nativity is on the coffee table. It is figures of the first nativity. The first nativity was real. A real barn with real smells. A real baby with real cries. It is “be careful” and use a soft tail. “Be careful” is like “be nice.” Be nice is don’t bite. Be careful is kind of watch out. I don’t touch the nativity. I don’t bounce soft frisbee on the “be careful of the nativity.” It is what Christmas is all about. That first real one.

Christmas is also about the memory tree. Mom calls it a “Christmas tree be nice.” It’s not real. It has old smells. Smells of dust and cinnamon. I think it is a memory tree. There are smells of lots of different people on the tree. People that I have never visited. But they are they are on and in the tree. Mom calls them ornaments-pretties. Christmas is all about the memory tree and the people that visit. They send mail. I smell some of the same people in the cards that come.

One day I wanted to visit the people that I smelled on the tree and in the cards. So I got the postage stamps that mom gave me and tried them. They tasted bad. I wanted to help them come. I ate the stamps. I’m sorry Santa that I didn’t help the visitors with the cards and the smells from the tree get together. (The roll of stamps fell while I-mom was cleaning. I did NOT give them to her!)

Dad says I’m a very good girl too. So can I give you my wish list, Danta?

I wish I could help mom go visit more people. I like people. I like visits.

I wish I could have more frisbees. I love frisbees. Then I could leave them more places and me and Dad and me and mom and me and people that visit could always play frisbee.

Oh, and Santa? Could you please give me a new light up Christmas ball? This one broke. I think it broke back when the other dog had it. I know there were other dogs here. I smelled them too. Anyways? Could I have a new Chrisss ball? It’s my favorite. Cause Christmas is coming soon. I cam feel it.

You can share my cookies with Rudolph. He’s the one with the light up ball on his nose. He’s my favorite!

Thanks Santa. I’m glad you give us all a Neery Christmas. And “Be Careful of the Natuvuty- it’s what Vhrstmas is all about!”



(Yes, I know. We never celebrated Santa Claus with my girls. But recently the girls got to play a wedding with the real Santa Claus. He is the one that visits with all the kids before the holiday. Our local Santa is actually quite talented and plays piano beautifully. Yolanda played violin and Lennea played cello with him. They enjoyed their musical experience with him and are pretty sure that Honey would enjoy getting to play with Santa also!(

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