Did I come with you?

Honey’s-view of training class

Tuesday evenings for six weeks we take our bundle of energy to training class. There is a trainer at our favorite pet store that commands our dog’s attention while we learn new tricks. Honey thinks she already knows everything. Typical teenager!

Week One

Dad’s home Yay. Cookies. Yay. Jump. Supper now. Bark. Yum yum.

Car ride no no! No car. No bad ouchies. Not car. Whine cry. Sit on mom’s lap. Very nervous for car ride. Shaking, NO No. Mom says “fun” a lot. I don’t know “fun”. Can’t pee or potty. I am very nervous. No no. Where are we? Bad car ride.

Sniff sniff. Lots of smells. Lots of people. Jump. Excited. Yay. Lots of smells. Lots of people. Yay. We go to room with many stools to sit for mom and Dad. Then tall man comes. My new friend. Jump jump. So happy for new friend. I like new friend. I like his cookies. I do what new friend asks and get cookies. Yay!

“Honey no!” Mom and Dad say lots. Did I come with you? Are you still here? I could go with new friend. I like new friend. Tall man is my new friend. All done. So tired. So thirsty. We go home.

Week Two

Dad’s home. Yay. Jump jump. Sit. Jump. Yay jump. I think there are springs under my bottom. Sit doesn’t work.

“Fun. Class. Car ride. “. Maybe not. Whine cry. I don’t want to be in back. I want mom’s lap. I hear lots of “get back”. No no bad ouchies.

Oh yay! This place. New friends. Jump jump sit jump. Wiggle. New friends. Lick nibble jump. New friends.Yay! Meet Emmit. Emmit is a boy. Emmit is nice. Emmit is with his lady.

Tall man. My friend. Bark jump. Yay.

I listen to my lady-Mom. Emmit listens to his lady. Bark. Jump. We hear good girl, good boy, click treat. Yay I like click game. Sit treat. That’s it? That’s all? More! Bark! Sit-click-treat. Fun game! We leave. I walk nice with mom. Mom is my lady. Emmit! Emmit doesn’t have a man. I don’t listen to dad. Dad uses bossy voice. All done. So tired. Car ride home.

Week Three

Yay dad’s home jump sit can’t sit. Wiggle. Supper. Hurry to eat. . Yum. Let’s go. Car ride. I whine but not much. We are going to see tall man and Emmit with his lady. Yay. Fun class thing.

Yay this place. Pull rug. Jump. I take Dad to the class fun place. Lots of people. Dad forgets where class is and we keep walking in circles. It’s ok. I pull him the right way. He keeps turning around. But I am polite and let him go the wrong way. Class fun is in the other corner Dad! Pull. Person jump. Sit. I am good girl. Yay Dad finds room for class. Class fun room.

Bark. “No Honey. No bark.” These people just don’t get it. Yay Emmit brings both his ladies. That one is his mom. Jump. Pull. I here Dad. “Come Honey. Sit. Down.”

Mom brings bad treat. I don’t want old treat. I get new treat from tall man. Yay. I sit. I leave it. I lay down. Tall man has good treat. Dad is bossy. I do dad’s “come Honey.” Dad is happy Dad gives me lots of pets.

I see Mom. Are you still here. Were you here this whole time?

Tall man. Bark! Give me your new treat.

Class-Fun is over. Emmit/s ladies were happy. Dad and Mom are not happy. They are quiet. So tired. Car ride home.

Week four.

Dad’s home. Sit good girl. Yay sit. Yay cookie. Mom gives me supper. I sit. I stay. I down. Okay. I eat. Yum.

Dad takes me to Greenhouse for warmup wood. It is cold out but he does not frisbee. My shoulder feels better. But Dad still doesn’t frisbee. We go back to house. Mom gets hug harness. I like hug harness. Class-fun. Yay. Sit. Good girl.

Mom remembers popcorn good smell She puts bag on floor in front in cat. I love popcorn. I whine. Car ride. Whine. Please popcorn. Bark! Dad gets his bossy voice and says “honey enough!” I sit with my nose in mom’s hand. Popcorn smells so good.

Mom and Dad talk. They. Laugh. They laugh hard. Mom cries. It’s okay mom.

Yay. Class fun place! I walk nice with Dad. I let him go the wrong way. Work lady. Nip sniff nip. Jump. Yay work lady but dad gets his bossy voice, ” no Honey. Come walk.”

We go to class. Mom gives me popcorn. Dad gives me popcorn. Tall man does not have popcorn. We play lots of “honey come’. I gets lots of popcorn. I love popcorn. Tall man gives me lots of hand snuggles and good girl.rubs with his fingers. I like tall man. He helps mom and Dad know how to talk to me. We play more “honey come.”

We go to car after I nibble work lady. She tastes good. In car Mom gives me more popcorn. I love popcorn. We go to another lots of cars place. Dad takes mom away. I sleep in warm car.

Dad brings Mom back to car with lots of bags. I hope there is more popcorns! Yay. More popcorn. I go to sleep.

Dad whistles. I jump up and then he whistles more. I hate whistle. Mom tries to whistles she can’t whistle. I whine.

We go home. I check the bags on table for popcorn. Dad uses bossy voise. “No Leave It!” I sit. Then I stand. I am Dad. The popcorn is on the table. But no popcorn. Mom puts popcorn up high on fridge. Sad.

Dad says “Okay, Honey go get a toy.” I get glad ball. Squeak squeak. I love class-fun. I love popcorn.

week Five

Today was weird.

Early. Very early we went for car ride. I fell asleep.

Where are we? New House! Bark. Sniff. Tied up. Don’t like new house. (We went to our daughter’s house to paint. We took Honey with because we didn’t want to go back home late in the day to go get her for class.)

Josh is here! Bark! Bark! Jump Jump!

“No, no! Sit.” I sit. I like Josh.

Mom says not my house, “be nice Josh’s house.”

There is nothing here that says it is Josh’s house. This is nobody’s house. Nobody sleeps here. I fall asleep.

Maybe this is my house. I like big basement and big yard and not big deck. I want mom. Bark, bark! That worked. I get mom.

New girl! Jump! Jump! Can’t sit, new girl! Mom leaves me tied up again. Don’t like new house. Don’t like mom. I whine.

New girl leaves. Lennea comes! Jump, jump! Sit for Lennea.

Josh comes, Bark, bark! Sit for Josh.

Mom says “no, bark, be nice. Josh’s house.”

More people. Not dad I am not happy. Don’t like new house. Don’t like mom. Don’t like paint. Don’t like Josh’s house be nice. Don’t like tied up.. Don’t like plastic for paint.

I am so tired. Dad comes we go to good smells and I get sandwich and mom and dad get sandwich. Then we go to Class-fun place. I listen to dad’s voice and get to find mom and dad in lots of people place. The butter place popcorn is really good. I love popcorn. I do everything. I already knew everything. Dad is a good learner. We get lots of praise from Tall Man. I am still not happy at mom paint. I don’t listen to mom. I am so tired I lay down a lot at class-fun and they make me sit up again. No Emmit. Lots of other people. Class is fun! I love butter popcorn. So Tired. We go home.

Week Six

Mom: Honey survived the week of painting and the moving in day as she had to be left home. I was so tired I didn’t spend as much time training once we got home. It’s a good thing we did a trial test run of her abilities on week five as the distractions proved to be too much on final evening. But our trainer was kind and let Honey graduate and then did a test of intermediate skills with her. She will move on the next level in February or March once the weather is a little kinder. Dad had to drive home in a blizzard the day before the last class-fun, so our decision to avoid the icy roads is a good one. Honey has improved much. The video above was taken between week four and five while Lennea came home for the Thanksgiving weekend. The picture below was taken at Honey’s beginner education graduation. A successful Sit-Stay-Watch me as the picture was taken!

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  1. Oh, that is so funny! Bill and I enjoyed it so much! We think it could be published (more than your blog, we mean). Good for all of you! Honey is very smart and “knows everything”! ha ha Loved that.

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