Yoga-puppy style 

No shape to exercise 


When I first discovered how much Seymour loved to run, I did everything I could to run with Jim.  My husband certainly wasn’t going to. So I thought I’ll try. Then the asthma/gall bladder/acid reflux started to hamper me. Every once in a while though I still tried. 

Gavin would repeat his favorite saying to exercise plans: I’m in no shape for that. So we found frisbee and softball size toys and Seymour got his shape trimmed up that way. 

Now with the new puppy, once again I find myself sitting around a lot!  Most people give up the floor pretty quickly where Honey is concerned. Well, it is hard. And getting up isn’t as easy as it use to be. 

Even our daughter chose to have a yoga Matt for her stretching and shaping moves. What to do with myself all these hours in the floor has become quite a thoughtful endeavor. 

I moved the rugs out so that I wouldn’t have to wash them so frequently. That’s not fun when there’s already much floor swiping the way it goes with puppies. So the rugs aren’t here to sit on either. Funny how this surface gets harder and harder as the weeks go by!

Today I tried some of those”relaxing poses.  Learning about New York city’s Doga classes sure looked good. Having an older dog would be beneficial. My poses didn’t last very long. The first one was interrupted with a sharp tooth on my fingers. The second was stopped with a nip to my ear. But I really wanted to help her relax, so the next pose found me swatting her away from eating the hair gel off my hair. 

So relaxing. 

I picked Honey up and headed to the sofa. It was time for a comfy pose. The side sleeper sofa stretch!

I’m not very good at yoga. This stretching thing gets done enough as I seep the floor, wipe up the puddles, and touch my toes each time I pick her up from grabbing something outside she shouldn’t eat. Excercise is over-rated. I must be getting enough. I am sure tired. Ahh, the dog days of summer. 

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