Letters of love 

My special Aunties

Today I received a love-letter from one of my aunties!  I was so excited to hear back from her. Each of my Aunts is so special to me. I want to share how they are a special extension of my grandparents who are no longer with us. I am so blessed to still have all three of them. 

In our family we have favorites! Yep. I said it. Right out loud!  Aunts have favorite nephews, nieces have favorite Aunts and the Uncles have some too.  But this is just about my favorite Aunties.

My favorite Aunt Carol is my mom’s sister.  She and I share the genetics of voice tone and laughter vibes. It’s rather freaky to hear yourself talking. Most of us won’t even leave a voicemail because we don’t want to hear ourselves.  But when you are in the same room with a relative and share genetic voice traits–well there is no mistaking the qualities are there!
I had cousin camp at my Aunt Carol many times as a kid. It was the best memory builder I know.  She was such a great second mom during those times. She could doctor me and fix my hair and provide me with food experiences that I would never have had. The most memorable food was rabbit-tastes like chicken. Yeah, right…

Through the years, my Aunt Carol has been both a prayer warrior and a confidant.   Perhaps I would never have survived trying times in my adult life without knowing she was there for me. I am so grateful for my favorite Aunt Carol!

Then, there’s my favorite Aunt Marsha. She is my dad’s youngest sister. We share a deaf gene.  She on the right ear and I on the left. Both of us have lived with this all of our lives. Not really sure what other things we share except possibly the gift to gab! 

I always enjoy a good visit with this Auntie! We could go for hours, thank goodness that through the years phone calls have become much cheaper. Her zest for life and love for the entertainment world can keep us busy. I love that we never lack for conversation. 

And finally there is my Aunt MaryLou. She is my dad’s other sister. We share the eye genetics that has troubled our family since Grandma went blind.  Though blindness seems awful, loosing sight throughout the years is a blessing in that we do know what things used to look like,  we all still say “it’s so good to see you” just like Grandma did even though she couldn’t really see us anymore. 

My Aunt MaryLou and I have great talks about our eyesight as women. Talking to my dad is good. But another woman who experiences the same things that I do, well it makes her my favorite! 

She and I are also third child syndromes!  We know all about the sandwich of siblings on either side. This is also shared with My Aunt Carol. We each know what it is like to say we are number three. As if children had numbers instead of names. Number three knows what it’s like to feel left out. We also know how to get attention.  Insert smiley face with a mischievous face here!

Having Aunties is such a treasure. I am thankful for the generation past that didn’t limit their family to one or two. And to the Lord also. Our lives are so much richer because we have these family members to call upon. 

One thought on “Letters of love 

  1. How nice, Yvonne! It is SO good to be appreciated! And you are appreciated too. Love you and your family so much. Truly you all live your faith and you inspire me to go gently and love kindly.

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