In service day 5

Weather or not

Whether or not she wants to work has been the challenge all week. There is always the tug of the frisbee play that seems to call her heart away from focus. But even that word has taken on direct meaning for the flighty little girl that seems to have nothing but noodles in her body.

Day five of Honey in service: slip on my helper collar only took two teasing nods, the walk to feed cats only distracted by dad getting something out of car, quick response for return to duty at the greenhouse, and found dad at garage in one sniff. She returned me to the house where I slipped off the service collar and away she ran. I would say this is success!

Whether or not she really has to go out, this silly “pickle” always wants to go out to play frisbee. The rain or shine of the weather means nothing to her until she is wet to the bone. She hates wet, except when it means chasing frisbee. Even in the 30 mph driving snow, Honey will still focus on the frisbee to catch it ten feet in the breeze. Harnessing that energy to have her help me get around the acreage seems almost hopeless.

But we send away for a service harness and got busy on the training this week inspite of the weather. Day one was a trick to even get the harness on. She doesn’t like sticking her head into anything that might mean trapped. Learning that the harness comes off in just a short while is the key to quick buckle ups.

Day two and three went by swiftly with only two or three attempts at use. Morning chores mostly since hubby was not here. Day four also was a good service step practice day. She seemed to pick a up on the garbage duty, the chore duty, and the mail route quickly. These things she has observed for two years and not helped me at all. Her choice to prance around in circles with a frisbee has been very distracting to my straight line walking.

So today was day five. Weather or not, she was going to help with chores whether she wanted to or not. I expected the slip collar teasing. She jumps backwards two or three times telling me she does not prefer confinement. “Be Still!” Is more to calm my tongue than to calm her nerves.

I also expected distraction to give her the giggles. And right on cue to the car door opening, she began to jump around. The “focus” command did not work this time. So I repeated the task, “feed cats.” The journey to the greenhouse did require the word “focus” as she wanted to watch what dad was doing behind us.

The nice surprise was how attentive she was after my greenhouse check. With the sun shining and the warmer weather, the heaters all needed shut off for the day. Watering has finally produced some results and there are quite a few seedlings up. When I stepped out the door and considered calling her name, Surprise! Honey was right at my side when the door clicked shut. I praised her much.

Her quick leaning has been a nice touch to the struggles of the week as my mood crashes have been miserable. These is a head ache right under the volcano’s surface today. She returned me to the house without any confusion and I released her to go play with dad.

Yay, Honey! You aren’t such a silly pickle after all!

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