“Hey Pickles!” -really Honey?

The most absurd

This morning’s journal might be a little off the rocker. But since my dog’s constant company is all that exists while hubby is away on a business trip, I have no one else to amuse me. And amuse me she has…

A descant of videos awaits my listening ear, whilst I discover that my dog will answer to any human voice calling out any particular name to any dog of any kind. This morning she jumped to the command of “Hey Pickles!” Needless to say we just outfitted her with a fancy bowtie that has her name clearly printed in florescent pink lettering (Honey). What I thought. Will my dog really give up her loyalty so readily.

My husband can call all kinds of names to her. He’ll go through the best sellers list of most popular dog names and she will only pop her head to his sweet call of “Honey!” But my own female voice in it’s sing song fashion can say whatever it so pleases.

Hmmm… How far should I take this? I was really only listening to some bird calls on YouTube to find that one outside that ran so true. The frontage advertisement of some lady trying to find her silly little runaway dog calling out “Hey, Pickles! Were are you?” Was all it took for my absurd mutt to run to the screen.

My loyalties are just as strong. Really. There are cookies, donuts, cakes, and dried fruit calling to me every hour of the day. Really. I hear them. The winter vibes jiggle every time I rise, reminding me that spring salad and apples are far better for the slimming. But no, my stomach answers to the grains of wheat waving me into their larder fill. Uffdah. This will never do for fitting into those summer shorts.

“Hey Pickles!” Is going to be my new battle cry as I try to obey this exercise routine and find myself with more energy and a faster reaction pace. Perhaps my dog really did teach me something absurd and weird today.

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