Woolen linens

So done with winter

My mother asked me to crochet some woolen wraps. One, in fact. And after study of the yarn that she gave me, I added two more skeins so that I could play with a new pattern. I am so over winter. These days with the balmier weather, I ought to be outdoors. But the early spring tells me it’s not quite time to do certain things.

So this morning I popped in another book from the library and completed the last of the collection from these three colors of fisherman’s wool. Escape to another world in a book has been my answer to myself since I was a youth.

Then, I listened to a missionary story from the isle of Labrador Canada. Fance that. Tales of icy cold north easters and fisher men. If only the book knew what I was doing as I listened to the tales of Eskimo wares, and the missionary hospital there. Perhaps there is a chill. Maybe I should wear one of these things while I work. Wow. Suddenly, I felt oh, so cold and wet all over again. The power of suggestion was a might to strong. Do I hear wind and waves?

I am so done with winter! Can’t my book reader hear me?

Time for a salad and some sunshine!

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