Day one again!

A diet does not get old if we start all over again everyday…

Sort of a product review… “Keto with Kelly” a diet plan that is specialized by the indidivual for the individual.

Ketosis is not to be confused with kito-acidosis! The acid one is bad. It is the life threatening one; so if you are into looking things up, well, just go for it. It has a long explanation.

Ketosis is the metabolic state that tells the body to start using up fat stores. Not necessarily a starvation diet, it is more about good eating to tell the body to quit storing up fat for future need. Many keto diets actually have more fat in the meal plan than what most people are used to eating. “Keto with Kelly” focuses on low carbohydrates, good fats, and something green daily. Most people think that diets are full of foods that taste bad. Kelly’s goal is to give you foods that taste great based on the foods you typically eat. Just get rid of the bad carbs, and reduce the sugars until you eat efficiently. Sufficient, efficient meals are also four or five “snacks” rather than the more commonly prepared three.

So Day One was supposed to be the other day when my dear husband printed all 68 pages of his booklet. We have failed and we have succeeded. Today was Day One of success for him. From breakfast all the way through supper, he was successful at sticking to the plan. The only meal he missed was his mid-morning lunch. He actually was supposed to have more protein again and missed it, because he was picking scales off my fig tree in the greenhouse.

Tonight, he fixed our shared meal from the plan found on the recipes. It was “Fajita Chicken,” All the spices could have been from our greenhouse,–maybe next time. We both really liked the extra spicy chicken and that’s when I decided to do my product review.

(Be aware that there is no particular website home page set up, this was found through a life cycle search for low carb diets. Gavin filled out the survey and then was sent to her purchasing site that told the specifics of the diet plan and what the purchase would give us. We used “keto with Kelly” to jumpstart our low carb lifestyle to aid in lowering cholesterol and blood sugars. This is often an adult onset diabetes meal plan.

We did pay for the meal plan after all, and there is more to do. We have not even gone grocery shopping yet! The cheese that we should have had on the chicken was gouda, but our trip to the store has not happened yet. That discussion is what led us to talking about Day One!

When is day one of a diet or live-it plan? Is it the day you decide to spend money on a meal plan and grocery list? Is it the first day you try to follow the meal plan? Is it the first day you use a recipe from the booklet? Is it the first day you buy the grocery list that someone else wrote for you? Is it the first day without a slice of bread? Is it the first day of the next day of the rest of your life?

— If we start over every single day, because we failed the day before somehow, then every day is Day One!

So that’s what we are doing. Mind you I will probably still eat my carbohydrates for breakfast. I do not eat eggs. Mind you that he is at work and may need to eat a different lunch than I do because we are not together. Mind you that there is a bushel of pears to eat from our tree south of the place, so someone has to eat them. Mind you that I will probably fail at this meal plan more than he will.

I am so proud of my dear. He is nearly down to our wedding day weight and I am now the one who is overweight for my height. That’s kind of why I fractured my toe. I am far too physically fit for my eyesight and my age and my weight. That little bone in the joint of the second toe on my left foot apparently can’t handle all 109 pounds of me. I think my dear will have to get his suit taken in for our daughter’s wedding. Yay for him!

So, thanks Kelly for the meal plan and the live-it!

Now, do we get a double recliner/loveseat for cuddling and watching moves, or a treadmill to walk/run on in the bad weather days soon to come.?

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