Dog days

Two years is ages ago

And four years is a century…

Dog days are longer

Their hearts are stronger

They give unconditionally

They love with no strings attached

We spent this day four years ago mourning a good girl’s loss while we celebrated the engagement days for our first daughter. Though I was thrilled about the coming wedding, my heart ached with loneliness for Dolly’s disappearance. Her everyday presence was tough to give up.

Then on this day two years ago I celebrated a rescue boy’s lifestyle. He was so giving to me. Always right there to do what I asked of him. But one year later we once again said goodbye.

Why was the reserve of a faithful friend turning into a revolving door? How come I couldn’t settle down with a dog? What happened to my own faithful friendliness?

My tearful mourning from one dog to the next was overwhelming.

And then I became a grandma.

Am I still that unsettled common Swift? Am I still searching for something in a puppy that I can’t quite find?

In this day last year we brought home a doodle-girl. She has turned out to be a pretty fight eyruevr. Getting this puppy to settle down is going to take way more patience that I ever anticipated. But waiting for a dog to grow up isn’t near as long as they sit for us to come home and play with them.

The other night my daughter came crawling home at eleven pm to be greeted with a sleepy in mouth frisbee. “Did you come home to play with me?”

Some day her lay-with-me will be with-me and the play will be gone. Two years in a dog’s life is ages ago. Four years is nearly a century. I better just settle down myself and enjoy each day this girl has with me. Even if I don’t want to play.

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