Togetherness 101

Lessons from Honey

When you have a freeze pop on the rug, I’ll have an ice cube on the rug  Okay?

When you get up early for work, I’ll get up early with you and work on a bone.  Okay?

When you feed the cats in the barn, I’ll chase them all that way.  Okay?

When you fix supper, I’ll watch for everything that falls on the floor and clean it up.  Okay?

When you go for a walk , I’ll carry the leash so it’s not so heavy, okay?

When you choke on water, I’ll bark and help you cough, okay?

When you cry for no reason, ill lick your face and tickle your nose. Alright?

When you sit by yourself at the table, I’ll lay down at your feet and roll over for a belly rub to remind you I’m here. Alright?

When you run into the tree and hit your head, I’ll kiss your ouchie and help you shake it off. Okay?

When you water the garden and fill all the buckets, I’ll drink some cold water too. Okay?

When you do laundry and drop a sock, I’ll keep it safe until next time. Okay?

When you pull weeds in the garden, I’ll dig holes and get rid of bad things too. Alright?

When you need to take a nap, I’ll take one too. Okay?

When you can’t decide which toy to play with, I’ll find the oldest favorite one for you. Okay?

And if there’s anything else you want to do together, I’ll do that too! Okay?

Alright, Honey!

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