Never mind me

Just go about your business

A few weeks ago, I got out the paint brush and bought another can of white paint to finish the back deck rails. The finished project looks rather nice and the visual effect works quite well at making my “deck basket” stand out in the shade. It gives me something to aim for while walking in that area of the yard.

While painting the rails, I had company from an unlikely critter. The cat that does not loke much handling began to keep me company. Actually she nearly kept me from finishing the job on several occasions. Her close proximity to my working space was a tripping hazard. On one instance, the wet brush jumped right out of my hand and landed just next to her head. She did not even blink. Never mind that she slept right through the wet brush grazing her lashes.

“Never mind me,” she seemed to say. “Just go about your business.” Several times I had to pick her and mover her or slide the cardboard another direction just to paint what she was guarding. Going about my business was not that easy, really. Thank goodness the white paint just beaded right up and dried on her oily fur.

During my reading / listening for the past month, some of my time was spent crocheting the above mistake.

Mishaps are common through my day because of my eyesight. While working this piece, the individual rows and smaller prtions of the pattern looked okay. But when I finally took some time to throw it to the floor and look at the whole…. UGH!

What a mistake!

I rolled up the mess and put in into a bag for awhile. When I have some more fortitude, I will take the thing apart and making something more pleasing to the eyes.

Crocheting is like that for me. Sometimes I follow patterns exactly. Other times I try to make it up as I go. Most of the time I turns out right. Then there are these things. When mistakes appear out of the jumble and I decide it really is time to quit and find something else to do.

If I could just mind my own business and never mind the mistakes and the mishaps. Ahhh, life might be more pleasant.

Today is one of those days. My life seems empty, unplanned. Finding purpose in the silence of the hours is hard. Once again, I find myself wiping away tears. The quietness seems to scream at me. How can I continue on in such a purposeless life?

Being by myself for so many empty hours has left me a boring and needy individual that no one wants to spent any time with. Spending time with people is what drives the hands forward. Yet for me the days tick by empty. I am too young to be retired. Yet too blind to go back to work that was never there to begin with. Silence greets me. The only thing I hear is the ticking of a battery powered clock somewhere. How could such a small thing be so loud?

That is a really ugly crochet thingy. I shall forget about it for awhile.

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