Of paper and boxes

The well runs dry…

The well runs dry…

The last blog for the year is just going to have to be a bit off kilter. I have half-a-dozen in the draft box, and this is the one that is getting my attention.

I learned it is very difficult to concentrate while my husband took the last of this year’s vacation days to stay home from work. Two weeks with him was very nice but my writing suffered a dry ink well. Not to mention that there was two holidays, our daughter’s wedding and all the shopping, cooking, baking, dishes and presents, and people to fill up the days also. Writing is generally something done in solace. Not much for solo coffee moments with other bright cheery souls around me all of the day.

Here is a brief recap of the last few weeks.

Paper wrappings and boxes…

We celebrated the Christ child’s birthday with the great-grandparents. Most of Gavin’s family was present. The sadness of our nephew’s families absence due to feeling “under the weather” didn’t seem to keep us down too much. But the commotion sure kept our little grand-daughter up past her nap times. When this little bundle decided that taking a nap in a strange place was not her choice, we came up with the next best option.

I remember well, her great-grandpa pulling my wee ones around in a similar sled back when they were tuckered up from all the people. It’s a fond memory and glad it could be repeated, even though he did not have the strength to do the pulling, at least he got to watch her little eyelids droop shut as she passed by his chair.

Then we were on to the wedding celebrations.

Boxes galore…

Boxes, baskets, cooler, suitcases, bags, plastic bags, more boxes, presents, cartons, and carriers of all kinds. Wow! I wish I had taken some pictures of all of the stacks. Stacks of paper-ware, napkins, containers of goodies for the “cider hour,” stacks of boxes with lights for the decorating. Boxes with flowers, tablecloths, greenery, candles, and other items to make the day be beautiful and festive filled our closets, then our vehicles, then the entryways, and then began the reverse. It was such a busy time.

The best part was being all in one location for the three days. The weather proved to be a bit of a damper on the numbers of who could attend, but we all enjoyed the time at our “Winter Retreat” camp wedding experience. Our daughter had worked at the camp many summers and for two whole years, so having the event in the building that was such a part of her life was perfect.

More boxes with paper…

We ended our time with the two newlyweds with breakfast and gift opening. While it was hectic to get the place all packed up and cleaned out. We enjoyed all the goings on nevertheless. We took only a few short hours to find all the belongings. My husband packed the vehicle with strategic planning and we went straight to the rental center with those items first.

Now it was time to rest.

Last Sunday of the year…

We went to church just yesterday, and our pastor talked about the old tradition of “Boxing Day.” Many people have their own idea of what this means but the English tradition was the day the decorations for Christmas went back into the boxes. He challenged us last year not to box up the Nativity scene or the joy that Christ brings. The challenge to leave Christ out all year long and not bring out “Church manners” just on the holidays. We ought to keep that childish anticipation of the day’s newness and excitement of unwrapping presents in our daily lives.

There is a saying that goes something like “Today is a present, that’s why it is called the ‘present!'” Yesterday is already unwrapped, tomorrow is still in the box, but today is the present that I have right now.

I think my take-away from our retreat center wedding event is the blessing of being in the moment. I was not really thinking bout tomorrow (except for during our prayer times) and I was not looking back at yesterday. Every moment mattered as to what needed to be done for that moment. The photographer captured so many of those moments and kept us enjoying every minute as the clock moved forward.

Pictures in my mind, and on the camera testify to the beauty and serenity of the days we spent together.

Yes, I recommend having a “retreat wedding”. It may have been somewhat difficult to remember everything that we needed, but going forward, it was a relaxing event for most of us.

“Yesterday is already unwrapped. Tomorrow is still in the box. Today is the present that God has blessed me with. I will enjoy the anticipation of unwrapping each moment that He gives.”

Is today your boxing day?

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