Do over

The third time’s the charm

Recycling yarn is probably my favorite past time. If you ask anyone in my family they will tell you that I have ripped out more projects than I have actually crocheted. So here’s the latest story.

A long time ago, my sister gave me some Aran colored yarn to make an Afghan. this long time ago happened to be before I was even married. While my husband is very distracting today, he hasn’t changed much. The Afghan did not get made until I was pregnant with my first child and had more sit time. Thus is the store of the first time use of this yarn.

Then after a few years of marriage and two girls later, we bought this antique sofa from some friends and had it covered in a deep burgundy claret color. I thought the color deserved it’s own afghan and so that’s where the claret came from. While the two twin afghans did not hold up very well in their ever;day use, I also learned my crochet did improve over the years. When we moved to this “green” room living space, the decision was made to take the two apart and add the frosty green and make an everyday use afghan that covered the sofa to keep the doggy paws from catching on the cushions. This worked for nearly sixteen years. There you have the story of the second use of my sister’s gift.

From this tri-colored sofa comfort came an idea to redo. Oh bother. However, with the nest empty of children, and that first time memory of pregnancy and the Aran yarn, it seemed to be a charming moment. Especially since my daughter is now expecting her first we one, this third time recycling has been a very memory making time.

To this basket of yarn balls, made from the once well used sofa protector, same the use of a tri-colored shell stitch that I found las fall. While recovering from the broken rib, I sat staring across the room at the 27 year old thread, and discovered after a washing that the ties had finally lost their grip. This third time would be so charming!

And that. So from this, to this, and that, an afghan has a story also. Though this beginner shell pattern is quite simple, it’s large hook simplicity came in quite a blessing. The pattern that I discovered while studying pictures during the rib-healing, came in as the savior to my passing time during my broken nose-healing time. While I couldn’t wear my glasses on the bridge of my nose, the large hook pattern didn’t.need my concentrated vision. So I past the time healing my nose, with a crochet pattern that kept me quite warm during the frigid temperatures of early January.

Finally, I recycled the yarn that had held up through all the washings and even had a bit left over. The living room is no longer green. Now it’s brown. And though the new neutral color these days is gray, the frosty green, Aran, clarets crocheted blanket will probably last another 27 years if the dog doesn’t decide to use it too often.

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