Chasing rainbows 

Dreaming with the ones we love

Twenty seven years after our first date and we finally got to go rainbow chasing last weekend!  No, really! We went to supper at a local cafe that we use to ‘haunt! During our dating days. Upon leaving the restaurant the most beautiful double rainbow began to appear off in the east. So for fun we decided to chase it. Not real storm chasers are we?  Especially since the storm wasn’t more than a little drizzle. 

Not more than a week earlier my daughter had also taken a photo of a double rainbow. Our family tends to get pretty excited about double rainbows. Sixteen years ago when we said goodbye to the eldest of the cousins in that side of the family, the children were outside after the visitation at the funeral home and saw a gorgeous double rainbow that gave us so much hope. 

Whether we are dreaming of a home in Heaven, or a life of happiness chasing our dreams is so important. I am so happy to have the support of family as we built our greenhouse. The ‘barn-raising’ party is still one my happiest memories. Followed by the open house party. 

It is thus family network of hopes and dreams and the teamwork that gives foundation to such amazing answers to our prayers. Watching everyone take part in the foundation walls was so much joy.  

So today on our twenty-sixth anniversary it was my joy to feed my husbands happiness quotient once again. While growing up this boy I married had a lot of boy-toys. Though I can’t quite picture all of his activities, knowing that motorcycles are second nature to his being, makes it that much easier to trust him on one. In fact I think our second date was a ride on his 1975 Honda 750.

Years later he drove a gold wing on his commute back and forth to work. So today…

Dreaming is so important. We can’t wait to watch our adult children search for their own personal rainbows to chase! 

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