If I were a flower 

What I would bee

If I were a honey locust tree what would I see? I would see decades and seasons faster than wings on a bee. I’d make farmers and shepherds stop to smell me. I would temp children and kittens to climb up for a treat.  

If I were a plum tree early in spring, I would bless the world with a fragrance that charms them to sing.  My blossoms would herald the warm coming days with scent that no launderer has ever proclaimed.

If I were an iris dancing in breeze, I would be purple and yellow if you please.  I would bloom longer than tulips and brighter than lilies. I would cr, “Pick me!”  and surprise little girls who tease.

If I were a flower in basket hung high, I would be nasturtium coral and spry. I’d copy the sun from east into west and swing in the wind and tickle hopes for the best. 

If I were a geranium bold, full and red, I’d echo your lips and dance in your head.  I would fill up the room with carpet so soft and never loose color no matter that my petals fall so oft. 

If I were a lilac as old as the hills, I’d give blossoms abundant still enough for thousands of jars to fill.  My fragrance would sift through windowsills.  And my color would match sunsets and dresses with frills. 

If you were a flower fragrant and free, what song would you sing, what color would you bee?.  

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