Pretty much

“We cannot live only for ourselves…” —Herman Melville

These silly millennials think they are parents to plants. I think you’re either a slave to your plant or you enjoy them and for me it’s all about the joy.

I remember my husband bringing me home a plant from the flower shop in our early years of marriage and busy little feet running through the house. Well, plant after “easy care” plant died either from over water, under water, or simple neglect. I did sort of okay on the garden thing. But honesty my attention just was focused on my children and meals and mountains of laundry.

Having this little pepperonia watermelon on my desk has made me keep it a lot cleaner I enjoy looking at it and seeing exactly what it’s doing everyday. And I’m so glad I found a plant small enough to put in this little pot that my father-in-law made for me. Yeah, keeping it watered properly is more challenging. It only goes about three days between drinks. But two little tablespoons in a dish for a drink while I clean up correspondence and making to do lists for this busy time of year has been great. Keeping the pile to a minimum of three days was the best “plant” that I have ever had!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I kind of think that my husband is a “twleve days of Christmas” kind of giver. We have been getting little corner fixes and such for a week or so before the holiday. From a window shelf, to a light fixture, and a wall plant hanger, and this clock, the little bits of new throughout the house have made me very appreciative of his ability to fox things. Even had my plumber hubby put in a new faucet in the bathroom. Each little thing that gets done makes we sing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

“I am the last faded flower of summer pressed between the pages of a book.” Surely someone famous said that during the last stages of life. But alas, I may be remiss. There are days I have felt that tired, but lately not so. My poor daughters in their pursuit of life stage, being young and so very busy made me think of that saying one day. An elderly friend of ours celebrating in the ninety something years stated how she was not sure why she was still here on this earth. Feeling so very faded and so very pressed toward those last pages of life’s very own biography our hearts try to comprehend the ache and loneliness that calls them to heavenward home. But we covet their prayers. For surely the prayers of the righteous availeth much. Perhaps God hears the prayers of the lonely heart more?

The book that I am reading right now is one of Herman Melville’s longest novel. The language of the early American author is rich and deep even though I do not agree with much of the thought process deductions. The quote above about not living to our own purpose is so true. This weekend my husband is letting me participate in a grief therapy plant giveaway for the holidays. I am looking forward to it much. Perhaps the next blog will be a hint of the happenings.

For now, it is nearly Christmas. My house has pretty much become a plant haven. The greenhouse is allowed to dip to forty degrees at night so this quite a spill over of plant things in the house right now. But five large boxes of plant things will leave the house on Sunday. Oh, and then there is the fun of the pressed flower ornaments keeping me busy also. Christmas pretty much filled up every surface in my house right now!

So, if I don’t get back to the happenings before Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone! And to all A Happye New Year too!