53 inches

Romans 3:23 “For we have all sinned and fallen far short of the glory of God.”

Doing a crochet project and running out of thread is so disappointing. Expecting something beautiful when finished and then falling short of the ability to complete the project always gives me a bit of “let-down” emotions. Life is like that though.

Whether you are an Olympic athlete, a wife of 42 years, a college dropout, or a child trying to ride a bicycle, failure is inevitable. Without falling, the toddler never learns to walk. Cheering on the attempts as well as the successes is what makes parents good.

vacations are suppose to be peaceful, relaxing and full of good memories. When we book a “stay” our expectations often don’t match up with reality. Being in the now and struggling through the reality with enjoyment is the key.

We took a motorcycle tour of the “Great River Road” along the Mississippi. Crossing the river only as many times as there are letter “I’s” in the word, I learned a few things about myself that I don’t even want to repeat. Do I really have to discuss reality, or can we just let the dragonflies fall where they last flew?

Having a disability kind of sucks. And I’m not very good at laughing in the moment. Especially when we find a very dark restaurant, with an even darker restroom and I have no idea which way I turned while entering. Panic attacks on vacation are now the norm. Staying in a cabin with the least possible lighting options also made the vacation rather not so fun.

How do I let my husband have an enjoyable time, when my disability gets in the way of caring for myself? Even my attempts to take evening meds with a sip of water required five “hollers” for help. I simply could not find anything. It was so dark, I had no clue where he had placed any of my things.AHHH! Who turned out the lights. Oh, there aren’t any.

The smaller the space, the happier I was. Having an entire cabin was a bit too large of a footprint for me to learn in just two evenings and two mornings. And hotels tend to use a lot more “white.”

Needless to say, the views were gorgeous. I loved riding on the back of the GoldWing and taking in as much of the scenery as I could. My pictures are getting worse or rather my picture taking. We did not do as much hiking as we could have. But we found out that we are a bit on the dawdlers bridge when it comes to doing anything! If it is suppose to take three hours-we can do it in six really easy!

And because I’m not very good at taking pictures anymore they’re usually blurry crooked sideways off track or the subject that I want in them isn’t even in there, I think I have a total of five pictures from the trip that turned out. I also want to try taking a trip with honey and see how she does. Maybe we really ought to get that sidecar for the motorcycle and a puppy tail hitch container.

Meanwhile we’ll be busy contemplating our next trip. Who knows maybe we’ll stay at the same place for five nights in a row and I’ll do much better. So there’s my trip update yep took me two weeks to get this done

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