Reclaiming spaces

Turning the barn into a glorified garden shed. Previously I was using just the grain room for all my supplies. Because the room was dark with no light and a little tiny window for putting the feed in I needed a bigger space.

I’m supposed to be married because I can’t do anything by myself. I was so busy today trying to get the garden ready for watering. But I couldn’t remember which direction the hoses went because each is different length and needs to be in a different area. My husband had to rearrange all my work and get things set up properly. He even found the timer to get some of the watering done automatically.

My husband is amazing He’s not just an engineer at work. At home he’s my go-to for everything. He’s the builder, the plumber, the repairman The Carpenter and so much more.  After 30 years of marriage I’m still always coming up with things to do for him. He kind of told me I can’t watch any more DIY projects unless I can do them myself for sure. His honey do for the list for the summer it’s way too long. And it’s turning into more of a muskmelon or a cantaloupe.

The Northwest room in the barn has a very long history  First a milking station then a sheep jug for lambing and now shelving for my garden tools and planting supplies. And the lights are absolutely wonderful  I think the old grain room will become a great storage place for my bags of potting mix and mulch. Trying to store my garden supplies in that little room was just too small.

First things first. Cleaning up the greenhouse to do some repairs on the North wall and the water tank involves having a place to store all of my supplies. I’m so very glad we spent the day to work on the shelving.

And then his dad found there was tree sale at one of the county conservation services. So we spent the next weekend getting ready and planting 125 trees and bushes. Except that this project is going to drag out into a couple of weekends. He borrowed a skid steer to drill all the holes. And I have been attempting to try to plant some of them myself. And then of course there’s the idea of getting them watered which will involve some drip irrigation tubes.

Meanwhile the shelving project got put on hold. The greenhouse is mostly on maintenance mode. It’s been really hot in our neck of the woods. Most of the seedlings in the garden have popped through the soil. Keeping things watered and hydrated and growing is the focus.

My own little corner in my own little world I’m not very good at doing things all by myself. 30 years of marriage to my husband has taught me if I have an idea he’ll find a way to get it done. And the corner of our property will have it completely different look in just a few years as the trees grow. We even planted a hedge windbreak on the east and the south of the garden.

I have been so busy outside my writing has taken a bit of a nosedive. But thank goodness for the most part falling in a hole or tripping over things in the garden has not really happened. I have been staying upright for the most part. Those sitting on the ground with my head buried in a hole planting a tree or a bush has made me feel like an ostrich much of the time.

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