Prayer chamber shawl

Stitching my way through prayer requests often finds me forgetting the sequence and making mistakes. Forgiveness, mercy and grace is something we all need and we should all give. I am so thankful that I learned about God’s grace early in my teen years and found out that forgiveness He offers is both for me and forgiving to others. It sure makes being open minded towards others in my prayers much easier. Oh, that Our Father’s mercy would extend to all. Our world has so much tension right now and a good healthy dose of forgiveness would sure cool off many a hot headed relationships. I recently found out about two couples who have ended their attempt to serve one another through the covenant of marriage. It made me so sad. I picked up my mission once again and reminded my loved ones that marriage is not the key to happiness. If you aren’t happy before you are married forget finding happiness in another’s misery. Happiness is an attitude something like the motto found in the olden days of the Pollyanna Club. Gratitude is Glad-itude! Finding old hymns and making them new is also one of my favorite past times. So when I found myself singing the old hymn of St Patrick’s Beatitudes, I went to the hymn-tubes to hear a newer version of “Christ Be Beside Me.” That kept my “God Bless You’s” on the round table for quite awhile. I love those powerful songs in prayer. I can hardly wait to see this shawl finished. There were so many mistakes in the beginning of the triangulation. Finally looked up my Tiaga Shawl pattern and used it as a guide to adding stitches at each row start and finish.


There was no major problem finding the new stitches. With videos, pictures and images, I found what I needed on the internet. Mosaic is a difficult learning curve. But getting the straight line patterns not to curve while attempting a triangle on the pattern scheme was rather challenging. I have it figured out. Then of course the center point is accurate now. That involved a lot of counting. Counting in sequence is one of my favorite activities. Haha!Stress should not play a large factor in the crochet craft. If things are too hard to do, we find a different medium. Whether it needs to be larger yarns, larger hooks, different types of crochet, or simply taking a break and doing a different project altogether. Sometimes pulling weeds in the garden is a better option than getting the knots out of the thread or yarn that I am working with. This color sequence made it much easier for me to move from and towards the lighter colors. Contrast was key in the beginning of my mosaic studies.For now the future of my mosaic crochet looks pretty bright. I have already chosen my next project. It will be a shawl also. This shawl does have a name. The patterns are all border designs. Prayer Chamber Shawl number one was completed during the July heat wave.

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