I have fallen into the mud puddle

Today is one of those days. The one’s where nothing seems quite right. When I am having a bad hair day even after my favorite happenings of a haircut. When someone is celebrating a big birthday and I haven’t even bought a birthday card. Good thing i was feeling it yesterday, at least the blessings were there then. But today, I could just crawl into a hole, bury myself with grass clippings, and come out next spring.

Oh, Christmas Tree, Why hast thou planted thyself in the crevice of the front door step?

When I discovered that the “weed” I had fallen to pull at six inches had become a Caesar tree–my first thought was to save it. Oh, bother but that will be a new chore. It is now a foot tall. and that means the roots are two feet.

So what’s going on anyways?

These days have been busy and I haven’t been able to get anything done that I had planned. Well, okay, maybe I planned too much and then did not get to do any writing for a whole month.

Basically, life, like an unexpected cedar tree tree up out of the cracks of the front walk!

First, my daughter’s expected internship was postponed until January. Then my sister’s wedding came and went with much enjoyment. I have so many blessed memories form the weekend. Then, my husband’s vacation days came and while we had planned a trip to Virginia, now we were able to go on our motorcycle ride we had wanted to do the year before. My broken rib canceled that trip last September. So this year the five days of riding came and went with wind gusts and all.


Another prayer shawl entered my hands as crocheting “without” thinking is best when there are lots of prayer requests. This one had focus on my nephew.

An unexpected seizure and trip to the ER indicated a brain tumor in my nephew’s left frontal lobe. And today he is undergoing surgery to remove most of the turmour. And while I was discovering the rooted cedar tree during my morning prayer walks around the yard, my mother called with another serious accident report.

My Uncle was involved in an explosion that shattered bones in his face and will cause him to loose his right eye. I’m not sure how soon I’ll be able to go visit him and my aunt. They are in a local hospital not far from me. The prayers will continue to be lifted throughout the day.

So, while the days haven’t been exactly what I had planned, they have flown by. Keeping busy is usually one of my challenges in the alone times. Lately, there has been no lack for my hands. With the weeding, vacation, fall harvest, greenhouse fall planting, cooler weather acreage upkeep’s, and the prayer shawls and petitions heavenward… I think my hands are quite full enough.

Finding time to get the writing plans back has been a challenge. I’ll just have to learn to get up earlier.

Or, Christmas will sneak up on me like that little cedar tree. Oh, no!

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