Five fingers and toes

A pinch of pink to come

This last week we were blessed to learn that our new little grand baby will be a girl!

While we overdid the pink thing with her mama some 24 years ago, the “Mama Llama” has informed us that a pinch of pink will be just enough.

Sunsets, and sunrises are the closest thing we have to ocean waves. Waves of grain. Mountains of corn and beans.

And the nursery theme for the little loved one has been chosen as baby whales.

In South Dakota? This land locked state? Taking a peek into the family lineage might give a clue as to why baby whales would be an adorable theme. There are Island genes from Hawaii, Japan, and Ireland. There is Viking blood, Norse blood, German Blood and English blood. Perhaps whaling is in this grand-daughter’s future!

The last five minutes of one day in December I finally caught a glimpse of the sun that was suppose to shine all day according to the forecast. Waiting for the sun to shine can seem endless when the days keep getting shorter.

thank goodness the days are now on the lengthening side.

While everyone else has been enjoying the fancy moon these last few days, I was sleeping in trying to chase away a sore throat. Either the sleep or the hot-salty water did the trick. I was thinking a lot about the ocean and whales each time I gargled. Though I have never seen a whale, the videos from planet earth and the BBC have been a big help. Trying to crochet a little whale has proved to be another challenge altogether. The above gem was trial number 20! God did not have to try twenty times on me or my daughter or her pinch of pink to come. He gets it right the first time!

Five fingers and toes on each little hand and foot could already be counted on the sonogram photos that we saw. Though perhaps all that she hears sounds something like “whale speak,” we know that somehow she will know the difference between mommy and grandma even at the earliest days. The photos don’t do here beauty justice as we anticipate what she will look like. No matter what, she will be absolutely beautiful. Psalm 139:13 says, “For You formed my inward parts; You crocheted me together in my mother’s womb.” Yes I know the actual word is knit, but since I am a crochet enthusiast, I prefer crochet. My mother would probably prefer quilt. That’s all beside the point. My prayer for this beautiful little soul is that she will know her creator from an early age. And that she will be happy with the way that He chose to put her together.

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