Sober minded

Solemn, sober , thoughtful prayer life

I Peter five 7 says to be sober. This word hit me hard today with the constant news coverage  of the horrific event in Las Vehas. 

Mindful soberness is not the kind where you drink a bunch of coffee after a hang-over. The truth is that I have never been out of my senses due to alcohol. This day rather consider the effect of having had a wonderful date night at the symphony and finding  out that another music event that same evening traggic events unfolded. 

Sober, solemn, thoughtful words  filled my prayer walk this past week. Though my good memories are now a flickering ember, another light shines through as my prayers are lifted up. Never having been to Las Vegas does not dampen my hopes for healing. 

When I heard that just a year ago a close relative was in that exact arena for the start of the marathon, soberness flooded in again. Graspin another’s  reality of events so far removed is easier when there are connections to the place or the people involved. 

“Oh Lord hear our prayers. Bring Your peace, Your love and Yiur healing to those in need today.”

My happy mood has been brought to solemn thoughts. Music is suppose to be a universal language. Music has such a unifying presence.  This chaotic event cannot stop the gift of music to aid in healing, and touch the soul during suffering. 

Music is often the go-to when silence floods my world. Today however, my  thoughts and prayers are continuous for the city of entertainment. The solemn weight on all those involved has inched its way across our nation.  

As we reflect with sober, solemn thoughtfulness, may you also be driven to pray for the needs of the many touched my Sunday evenings tradgedy. And remember that real people need the aid of our real God. Be the hands and feet of Jesus to some one today. 

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