The dripping faucet

The decision to online journal has been a desire of mine for sometime now. I have always kept a journal. I have an entire chest full of them, so I suppose that means writing is second nature to me. I’m not even sure what the focus of my writings will have other then for me to regain my focus
Four years ago my second daughter graduated from homeschool high school and  I retired from teaching. However after 20 years of mothering purpose I have spent the last four years much like a fish out of water flopping around on some dock. My creative outpouring nature has nearly reached its death. I have finally begun to feel more like a drowning victim whose last breath is about to be swallowed up by water as it fills the lungs. 

It was at this last breath moment that my inner dream finally cried out and I asked my husband to help me set up a blog site. Always wanting to write a book I have never felt like I had anything worth reading. But my desire to write has never gone away. From my early years of poetry writing and birthday card creations to these latter one’s of song compositions and frustration venting journals, writing for me is an outlet that at times acts like a dripping faucet and at other times like a white water rapids. Writing for me is in innerspring that just cannot be stopped up.

These last four years with both of my daughters off to college and my drivers license revoked my attempt to remake myself has been very difficult. I have spent much of this time mothering myself and nearly failing. What is a legally blind retired homeschool Mother to do when there is no one left at home to Mother??

My faith in the unseen has given me hope that kept purchasing ink pens and writing tablets. Even as my eyesight continues to digress my love of writing is a deep well that leads me to still Waters and refreshes my soul.

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