Tomorrow’s garden

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow -Audrey Hepburn

While preparing for the first cold snap that our enclosed garden would face, we spent evenings in the greenhouse sealing up the air leaks and getting the pond prepared to add its warmth to the environment.  This view of the dome lit up from the lamp within was worth taking a moment to photograph.  And of course the moon in the distance was spectacular that night. 

The garden at night in the country isn’t usually a place you want to be. During the summer the bugs are so numerous that we say, they’ll eat you alive. My vision door the garden in winter is no longer a place to pile the snow.  Tomorrow’s garden will be a warm place away from the bitter winds. 

Today’s garden is a storage shed filled with the supplies for the grow beds.  We measured our cubic foot area on Sunday and made a decision to begin filling the beds.  While learning about what different soils to best grow different veggies and herbs I have watched so many news stories about winter greenhouses that sometimes I feel booksnart and experience poor. 

Tomorrow’s garden will feed more than just the two of us.  Blessings of yesterday’s garden gave us enough canned goods to overflow our shelf space.  Though why it’s called canning when we put them in jars is still a puzzle.

Today’s garden holds the promise of spring.  The snow is swirling don the driveway as I walk back from the mailbox in the previous photo. That view gives me such hope for tomorrow that Audrey Hepburn’s quote rings through loud and clear. 

Inside the greenhouse the mum is laughing at the cold wind. “Spring is coming soon!” Cries the green foliage of my chrysanthemum. 

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